Christopher Payne is 1986 graduate of Apollo High School and a 1990 graduate of Dartmouth College, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. For the past 25 years, Mr. Payne has led innovation in technology, serving in senior leadership positions at Doordash, GoGo, eBay, Amazon,  Tinder, and Microsoft. 

Payne is currently the Chief Operating Officer with Doordash and currently sits on the Board of Directors of Gogo Inc., a leading global aero-communications service provider. 

At eBay, Payne led the North America Marketplaces business. At Amazon, he helped drive the company's expansion from book sales to video, electronics and more. During his time at Microsoft, Payne led web search (Live Search, now Bing), mapping and shopping efforts before founding Positronic, a search technology company, which was acquired by eBay.

Payne resides in Saratoga, California with his wife and two children.