Outside Grant Request

Outside Grant Requests are for DCPS personnel who want grant research and/or grant writing assistance from the Foundation in looking for and applying for outside funding sources. The Foundation's Grant Research & Grant Writing Committee will help you find and apply for local, state or federal government or private fund grants. Outside Grant Requests can be for individual classroom, multi-classrooom, school-wide, multi-school, and district-wide projects. Requests are processed in the order received and based upon availability of grant writing volunteers.

Our Grant Research & Grant Writing Committee will take a look at your grant request and determine if it has funding potential. At this point, we will call or email you to set up a time to discuss your grant request. Grant requests must be made a minimum of three to six months before the funding is needed. Many local, state and national grants adhere to funding cycles, so the sooner you submit your grant request, the greater chance we have to locate adequate funding sources.

Should you have questions about submitting an Outside Grant Request, please contact Executive Director, Vicki Quisenberry or call (270)231-5583.

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