2013 Focus Award Health - Donna Ebelhar (BES)

FUNDED by First Security Bank - $1000

Donna Ebelhar has great expectations that placing fresh fruits and vegetables in the hands of at-risk students will improve student health. So enthusiastic was she about the possibilities, that when she shared with her co-workers, they nominated her for a 2013 Focus Award in Health.

The grant review committee liked her creative and innovative ideas as well.

To make a long story short, Donna won the 2013 Focus Award in Health and began the project at Burns in the spring of 2013 soon after receiving her funding and is continuing the program during this fall until the funds are gone.

Donna began the Fresh Produce Program by forming a partnership with Cecil's Farm Market. Cecil's drops fresh fruits and vegetables off at BES every week sorted into boxes with a variety of food for each family. The families, identified by Family Resource given to BES families.

Then, Donna found out some of the BES families didn't know how to prepare fresh indredients. No problem for Donna; she simply placed recipies in the boxes of fresh produce and sent them on their way.

Her partnership with Cecil's Farm Market has proven quite productive. Fresh produce is now getting into the tummies of BES students and their families . . . all because a co-worker noticed how much Donna cares about her students and her passionate will to help them lead healthier lives.

Quotes from Ms. Ebelhar's students . . .

" Thank you so much! We can't say thank you enough!" - parent

"I love the little, baby watermelons!" - child

"My family is very grateful for everything you do for us." - parent

"It's so nice to be able to give my kids fresh vegetables and fruits." - parent

And the last quote, "Why does the school keep giving my mom vegetables?!!!!" -child!!! Well, Ms. Donna, you can't win them all . . .

Want to know more about Donna's program? Email her here.