Apply for a #KidsFirstGivingTuesday FRYSC grant.

Based on available volunteer staff, the Foundation will apply for grants from private foundations at the request of DCPS personnel.

Your grant will have a greater chance of success if you are applying with another entity, but we will consider searching for funding sources for single entity requests.

YOUR ASSISTANCE will be required during the application process.

It takes time to match a grant request with potential funding. Patience is required!

Submit an Outside Grant Request. Projects over $500 are catalogued by Foundation volunteers and matched with opportunities for funding by outside corporate and private foundations as opportunities arise.

Projects that can be funded with $500 or less are published on our Wish List. Submit a Wish List Application here.

Discretionary Funds for less than $200 can be requested on a rolling basis until funds are depleted.

Should you have questions about submitting an the Foundation's Grant policies, email Vicki Quisenberry or call (270) 231-5583.