Dr. Mark Lynn AHS '77

4802 Albrecht Court Louisville, Kentucky 40241 502-645-2520 

PROFILE: Optometrist and Business Owner with proven success in retail business as well as a professional optometric practice. Ability to generate revenue, control expenses and develop personnel from diverse backgrounds and abilities. Attention to detail, deadline oriented and deliver results beyond what is expected. Thrive in multi task environment requiring ability to make decisions and resolve problems. Strong communication skills. 

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Dr. Mark Lynn and Associates PLLC ; September 1998 to Present Owner and Managing Member: Started my own company after buying the optometric practice, Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld from Dr. Jerry Bizer O.D. As the sole owner and managing member of a very large practice I was responsible for all aspects of the practice and the retail sales of the business. 
This included: 
     • Staffing of all professional and non-professional staff 
     • Establishing of all procedures for: o
          - Patient flow in the offices 
          - Guidelines for care and treatment of the patients 
          - Guidelines for HIPPA and all State and Federal Laws pertaining to the seeing of patients and the processing of the patients personal information and insurance information. 
          - Establishing all criteria for the proper care of the patient during the retail sales of optical merchandise, prescription and non-prescription. 
          - Establishing all necessary stock levels for all inventory of all supplies of office supplies, medical supplies, and all optical supplies. 
          - Oversee and establish procedures for the ordering of contacts, frames, lenses, and all items necessary to manufacture those items. 
          - Establish production guidelines for all laboratories for the manufacturing of the eyeglasses and the proper checks and balances to ensure quality manufacturing, and dispensing. 
          - Establishing the emergency on-call guidelines for every office. 
     * Developing systems for the proper billing of all insurances and patient billing. 
     • Developing all retail price points for all retail items. 
     • Worked with advertising to develop all sales and specials used for my offices. 
     • Negotiated vision and medical contracts with many insurance companies. 
     • Helped develop vision care contracts for several different businesses in several states. 
     • Developed all business plans for offices in 5 states. 
     • Worked with accountants to establish correct tax and accounting procedure for items sold in the practice. Varied by state. 
     • Established and developed all payroll and Human Resource Guidelines for the office for all positions. • Work with any and all legal issues and Human Resource issues that may develop in the course of doing business, and treating patients. 
     • Oversee all offices in operations and patient flow and care. 
     • Help develop a strong Management base to run the individual locations. 
     • Oversee all administrative staff and be sure proper support is given to the locations. 

Mark Lynn O.D. and Associates P.C. June 2006 to Present: I bought the professional side of an existing 13 location practice in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. The offices were losing about $250,000 per year when I took over in June of 2006. I have added doctors to every office, have taken over the payroll of all the staff of the offices to have the ability to set the procedures and flows, and have made the offices profitable within one year of taking over. All other aspects with this practice is the same as my others. There are now 23 offices in Georgia and growing. Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld June 1985 to September 1998: Hired as a staff doctor in June of 1985. 
 • Performed eye examinations, fit and care of contacts and glasses. 
• Treated ocular disease and infections 
• Took all emergency calls and after hour calls for the office. 
• Trained staff for the care of patients In 1986 I was appointed to the Lead Doctor position of the Market Street office. There I was responsible for the staffing of the doctors, developing patient care guidelines for the doctors and the care of all complaint patients that came back to the office. 

In 1987 I was appointed to the position of Chief of Staff/ Vice President of Professional Services for all of the Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld offices. I now oversaw all professional operations of all offices. This included the staffing of all doctors, training of all professional staff, developing of all professional billing codes and prices, developing and overseeing all guidelines for proper patient care and patient flow of all offices. Also being sure we were in compliance with all State, Federal, and insurance company guidelines and requirements for patient care, flow, billing, and privacy issues. I was also in charge of all professional / legal issues and the developing of all medical / legal policies and procedures for the offices. In 1988 I was put in charge of all contact lens buying and price negotiations. I also was asked to help with and advertising issues for TV and Print, being sure we were following all mandated guidelines for professional advertising. In 1991 I became a minor partner with Dr. Jerry Bizer and his family in the Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld practices. With this we opened offices in Tennessee and Missouri. I was in charge of the building, and set-up of several of the offices, as well as the staffing of the doctors and all professional equipment and supplies. I was also responsible for the daily professional operations of all offices. Being an Optometric practice, the doctor is liable for all aspects of care in the office, so I now oversaw and developed retail guidelines for all staff in the offices.