Foundation Distinguished Alumni

The Foundation recognizes alumni each year for contributions to school, district, community, state, nation and/or world. Photos of Distinguished Alumni events can be found on the Foundation for DCPS Facebook page.


Colonel J. Harper Cook DCHS '89

Colonel J. Harper Cook has served his country domestically and overseas. He is currently (October 2016) serving as the Army Court-martial Judge at Forts Leavenworth (Kansas) and Leonard Wood (Missouri)

More information about Colonel Cook here.

Bracken Darrell DCHS '81

Bracken Darrell joined Logitech as President in April 2012, and is responsible for manufacturing and supply chain operations, product development, sales and marketing, IT, human resources and legal. He will succeed Mr. De Luca in the role of Chief Executive Officer, beginning on January 1, 2013. 

Additional information about Mr. Darrell.

Dr. Douglas

Dr. Donald Douglas practices medicine in Lexington, Kentucky. A former Track & Field All-American at Daviess County High School, Douglas took full advantage of academic and athletic scholarships available at WKU to pursue his undergraduate degree; then, went on to garner a myriad of qualifications in the medical profession.

Watch Dr. Douglas's entertaining speech here.

More information about Dr. Douglas here.

Senator Ford

Senator Wendell Ford became Kentucky state senator, lientenant governor, governor, and served at U.S. Senator for four terms. Click here to read more about this fascinating 'boy from Yellow Creek'.

To find out more about Senator Ford and his contributions to our county, state and nation, visit the Wendell H. Ford Center for Government at the Owensboro Museum of Natural History (122 East Second Street, Owensboro, KY).

Dr. Mark Fort

Dr. Fort currently practices dentistry in Owensboro.

He graduated from Apollo High School in 1976 and attended the University of Kentucy for undergraduate studies and graduated from the College of Dentistry in 1983.

Additional information about Dr. Fort here.

Dr. Rob Hamilton

Dr. Rob Hamilton is managing partner of RiverPark Eyecare in Owensboro and has been married to Casey for 15 years.

Watch Dr. Hamilton's speech to DCHS seniors here.

Additional information about Dr. Hamilton here.

Rod Kuegel DCHS '71

Rod Kuegel, a 1971 graduate of DCHS, is a prominent farmer and agri-business professional in Daviess County. 

Watch Mr. Kuegel's 2017 Speech to DCHS Seniors here.

Find out more about Mr. Kuegel here.

Steve Loyal

Mr. Loyal was Vice President of Governmental Affairs with ATMOS Energy/Mid States Division when he was named a Distinguished Alumnus.

Additional information about Mr. Loyal here.

Dr. Mark Lynn AHS '77

Dr. Mark Lynn is a 1977 graduate of Apollo 

High School, a 1981 graduate of Murray

State University and a 1985 graduate of the Souther College of Optometry. He is licensed to practice optometry in eight states and is Owner and Managing Partner with Dr. Bizer's Visionworks. Read more about Dr. Lynn here.

Watch Dr. Lynn's speech to AHS Seniors here.

Christopher Payne AHS '86

For the past 25 years, Mr. Payne has let innovation in technology, serving in senior leadership positions at eBay, Amazon, Doordash, Tinder and Microsoft.

Watch Mr. Payne's Speech to Apollo seniors.

Additional information about Mr. Payne here.



Gregory Dale Smith

Gregory Dale Smith, Ph.D., is a 1991 graduate of Apollo High School and a 1995 graduate of Centre College where he majored in Chemistry/Anthropology/Sociology.

He is the Otto N. Frenzel III Senior Conservation Scientist at the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Conservation Science Laboratory.

See Dr. Smith's speech to Apollo seniors Part I and Part II


Lisa Risley AHS '76

Lisa Risley reached the position of Assistant Director for the Office of Administration and member of the Director’s executive staff, and the United States Agency for International Development Office of Inspector General, where she served as Assistant Inspector General for Investigations.

Additional information about Ms. Risley here.

Loretta Dunn Schmitzer DCHS '73LDunnSchmitzer

Ms. Schmitzer retired from The Boeing Company in 2014 where she worked as Vice President of International Operations and Policy. While at Boeing, Ms. Schmitzer was responsible for the company’s foreign policy advocacy in Washington, D.C.

Watch Ms. Schmitzer's speech to seniors here.

Additional information about Ms. Schmitzer here.

Dr. Jason Yewell
Dr. Jason Yewell AHS '88

Dr. Jason Yewell is a board certified radiologist and partner with Radiology Specialists of Louisville, where he specializes in body MRI, CT, ultrasound and general radiology.

Additional information about Dr. Yewell here.

Watch Dr. Yewell's speech here.