The Alumni Relations Committee is comprised of community volunteers and is currently chaired by Dale Stewart, long-time administrator with DCPS.

This committee assists the Foundation in establishing a solid, long-term relationship with alumni and friends of DCPS.

Committee members act in a advisory capacity to the Foundation Board of Directors and the Executive Director to ensure that alumni needs are met and to enhance communications for purposes of class reunions, alumni events and Foundation events. Committee members keep the Foundation apprised of alumni information, successful alumni and make recommendations to the Foundation Board regarding Distinguished Alumni candidates and Alumni Extravaganza participants.

These committee members are active ambassadors for the Foundation and work tirelessly to encourage alumni and friends to submit contact information through the Foundation web site.

The Alumni Relations Committee assists with alumni and Foundation events.

Committee meetings are typically held monthly with more frequent meetings during planning for alumni and Foundation events.

If you are interested in investing in the Foundation by volunteering your time to the Alumni Relations Committee, please contact Dale Stewart, Committee Chair, or Vicki Quisenberry, Executive Director. Vicki may also be reached at (270)231-5583.

Please note that the DCPS Alumni Relations Committee does NOT operate under the name ''. If you should receive information from anyone posing as a representative of DCPS, DCPS Reunion Coordinator, Apollo Reunion Coordinator, DCHS Reunion Coordinator, or similar, please be aware that this person or persons are not associated with the Foundation or Daviess County Public Schools.

We are advising people NOT to share additional information with people they do not know personally. Should you receive email or social media contact from unknown sources requesting private information, you are within your rights to ask to be removed from the email list and database. If your requests to be removed from an email list or database are ignored, you have legal options. If you have questions or would like to report suspicious activities, contact Windy Kretman at DCPS (270-852-7000) or Vicki Quisenberry at the Foundation for DCPS (270-231-5583).